Purchasing information


  • Before you buy, you must decide to either register for the Coffee Lovers Ltd. webshop or to continue without registering. If you are likely to be visiting our web store frequently, we would suggest registering, because it means that you wouldn’t have to enter your personal information again. To register, click on the REGISTER button and follow the steps. You will need to sing in for the later purchases with the username and password you entered during registration under the LOGIN menu.
  • In the webshop, each product can be grouped into product groups.
  • You can select a product group that interests you by clicking on an appropriate icon or link.
  • You can order a product from the product group by selecting the product icon or link.
  • For some products, personalized options are avaliable.
  • You can place the product into your cart, by pressing the ORDER button.
  • You can view the contents of your shopping cart by pressing the CART button. The basket will show the number of your products, their separate, and gross purchase price.When viewing the cart, clicking the appropriate button will allow you to:

– remove some products from the basket,
– change your orderly wishes,
and fill in the contents of the basket.Of course, you have the option to continue purchasing.

  • If you have selected the products you ordered, click ORDER button.If you are not registered at check-in, you will need to enter it after ordering and completing the data.
  • Please select your preferred payment method and check the shipping address that we declared during registration.
  • If you have any comments about your order, please let us know.
  • If the order is complete, click on the DELETE button.
  • CONTINUE TO SHIPPING button to view the order sent.
  • Then you have the opportunityto modify by clicking MODIFY ORDER button:

– data entry errors (eg delivery and
billing address)- the method of payment and delivery, and
– Order (shopping cart) content.If you want to finalize your order, clickFINAL DEFINITIONS button.

  • After the order has been sent, your order will automatically be confirmed by email.If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours of your email address, you will be relieved of the bid constraint.After ordering, we will begin by collecting the items marked in the order from the central warehouse.If you miss a central stock on a ordered item, we will inform you within 48 hours of your order, in which case you will be able to modify your order.

You have the option to modify or cancel your submitted order if it does not depend on the lack of a product ordered.In this case, the order can be modified or canceled no later than 24 hours after the order is delivered.Changing the order can change the delivery deadline.