Our products are made for flavoring coffee, tea and other hot/cold drinks. Their special appearance and practical use make your tea and coffee experience more pleasant.

Our goal is, to manufacture products, – made from natural materials and (brown) cane sugar – that naturally make the consumption of cold and hot drinks pleasant and special, and it would be our pleasure, to bring some exclusivity and style into your everyday habbits.

1.Why are these products special?

It is a great pleasure for us that our product has won a prize for recognition of the handicraft profession by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, so that the unique and excellent quality of our products has been recognized by a professional jury,Hungarian Handicrafts Great award.

1.1. Figurine shaped-sugar:

  • unique new product on the market,
  • made from natural materials and natural dyes,
  • our brown colored products are made of brown cane sugar, which are boosted with a few drops of caramel.

1.2. Rocca candy cane wicks:

  • are only made using cane sugar,
  • liquid candy flavored varieties are recommended for novelties, special flavors are preferred in the form of a brown candy stick,
  • thanks to its bold colors, an exciting addition to cocktails. Innovative sweetening and decorative elements, which also offer a stylish, stylish solution to the consumer as a mixing rod.

1.3. Our products are manufactured:

  • in line with our high quality standards, and are marketed in considerably smaller quantities than industrially produced products,
  • thanks to its gift box like packaging, it’s an excellent gift idea,
  • its also a great wedding gift,
  • they are great for events and for confectionery products.

2. How are Sugar Shapes and Candy Sugar Sticks Made?

The Figurine’s varied form is achieved by a manufactory-molded technique, while the Rocca crystal sticks are produced as a result of special crystallization technology, under continuous control, meeting high quality standards as a result of careful human work.

3. What kind of raw materials are products made of?

Figurine products can be used with cane sugar, thanks to natural dyes only, and are therefore available in fashionable pastel shades. Natural color may lose its color due to sunlight and UV, so it is advisable to store the product in the long term in a safe place. Rocca candy canes are made from white and brown sugar cane. The aroma of brown products is highlighted by the addition of liquid caramel, while the extreme colors that match perfectly extreme cocktails are obtained with naturally occurring dyes. Pastel selection is colored with natural dyes.

4. Who can order from the webshop?

Anyone can order from the webshop who has accepted the GTC. Newsletter subscribers will receive notifications of promotions, information concerning the company and information important to them. From the webshop you can order confectioneries and cafes as well as resellers. To benefit from discountsplease indicate your intention to purchase at info@coffeelovers.hu and send the information required for the contract.

5. Which payment methods do I choose from?

There are three payment options in our webshop:

5.1. PayPal payment

5.2. In the case of bank transfer, you must initiate a simple internet bank transfer to our company with the following data:

• Bank account number: MKB Bank Zrt. 10300002-10676188-49020019
• Beneficiary: Coffee Lovers Ltd.
• Please indicate your order number in the note.
• Please be sure to refer exactly as much as your order.

If you do not have an internet bank, you can also pay the same amount within an MKB branch.

5.3. You can also have a pay back payment, in which case the parcel delivery to the courier must be paid in cash.

6. Which shipping options do I choose from?

When delivered to a home, the package is delivered by the GLS courier service – they will send a notification to the courier’s telephone number in advance, in order to facilitate any reconciliation. Delivery is done during working hours, typically between 8 and 17 o’clock. During a failed delivery, the courier will try to negotiate by phone if it is not possible, leaving a notice. The courier will attempt to ship again the next day, but if the delivery is unsuccessful for the second time, the goods will be returned to our site and the order will be canceled.

7.How long does it take to get my order?

It is expected within 2 days from the date of dispatch (we will notify you of the dispatch).

8. I am a wholesaler, a cafe and a confectioner. Can I buy from the webshop and under what conditions?

Of course, yes, register for reseller prices under the “Registration” menu item and contact info @ coffeelovers by e-mail. The final registration at our company is preceded by a data check which results in email or telephone notification and then can be purchased at wholesale prices.

9. I would like to buy a big item as end-user, is there any way to get discounts in this case too?

Please contact us at info @ coffeelovers and we will give you a unique quote as soon as you know the exact requirements.

10. Complaint, damaged package, defective delivery:

  • if you see an external injury on the package, do not take over. In this case, please call our business and let us know about this fact. If you take over the package, immediately expire and check the contents. If you notice a shipping damage, call our business out of the box and report the injury report so we can take action as soon as possible. If you do not indicate any damage on the day of delivery, our company will not accept any claims for this.
  • if you do not receive the products in the package you ordered, email us or phone out of order.

If you have any complaints about your purchase, please email us at info@coffeelovers.hu or by telephone at 70 381 1178. Complaints will always be investigated and will be answered within 8 days of the announcement, and if necessary, the product will be replaced. If you are unable to settle your complaint on this route, please contact our supervisory bodies above.